Field Guide // For the People
Brand Identity, Experience Design, Content Creation


Field Guide is a San Diego based multi-disciplinary creative studio working to develop beautiful and forward thinking visuals for a range of innovative culinary, fashion, lifestyle and arts clients.

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We are a full service agency building brands by sharing their stories through thoughtful and compelling visuals.  

Brand + Identity Development
Brand Guidelines
Logo Design
Collateral Design
Marketing Content
Social Media
Ad Campaigns

Field Guide was Founded in 2015 by Sergey Kolivayko and Lydia Ekeroth

Film & Photography
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Stationary and Invitations
Print and Layout Design


Field Guide is for the people. As a small-but-growing, worker-owned cooperative, we believe it to be a minor but important show of solidarity to refuse work with clients whose ethics conflict with ours and harm our neighbors. This includes law enforcement and LE ancilliary groups, payday lenders, industrial polluters and anyone else who engages in oppressive practices against people and the planet.

Our goal is to center and empower the work of those who have traditionally been exploited and ignored, and who may not have access to the capital typically required to hire creative services. We work entirely on a sliding scale. Certain corporate clients who support our mission are accepted at standard industry prices - this allows our studio to offer discounted rates to artists, WSDEs, non-profits, activists etc. as a small tactic of leveling the playing field and restoring equity.

This platform isn’t popular with everyone. It’s closed off certain opportunities for growth. But when people and planet are prioritized over profit, the paradigm shifts and the focus moves towards investing in mutual aid, building dual power, and creating sustainable and community based alternatives to existing state and corporate structures.  Beauty, the arts and good design are not solely the property of the wealthy, as they’ve attempted to forcefully and dishonestly maintain for a millennia. These things are for you, for us and for all people.

This is what we mean by “for the people”. Dignity for the people, health for the people, equity for the people, beauty for the people.
Your success is concomitant with ours.

“When we rise it will be with the ranks, and not from the ranks.”

Eugene V. Debs