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Tailors' Keep Copper Hanger Packaging


Hanger Packaging

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Tailors’ Keep is an experience-driven San Francisco tailoring brand offering stylish,
high-end custom clothing for men. The brand offers wardrobe staples that are at once classically timeless,
and fashion-forward for the avant-garde San Franciscan.

Tailors’ Keep is a brand designed around simplicity and self-awareness.

Each coat, shirt and pant sold in the shop are conveniently accompanied by a
beautiful copper hanger, which has quickly become a special signature touch of the shop.
Customers were so taken with the hangers, that Tailors’ Keep decided to offer them
as a product in their brick and mortar and online stores.

We worked with Tailors’ Keep to design a packaging system to display and retail the hanger collection.

field guide hanger packaging shirt
field guide hanger packaging pant
field guide hanger packaging coat

Taking a cue from the Tailor’s Keep brick and mortar, a minimalist black and white color palette
with clean styling is used exclusively throughout the packaging, with the intention of allowing the
copper plated hangers to take the forefront.

field guide hanger packaging san diego

Dielines were created for each of the three hangers, (shirt, coat and pant) layouts were designed,
and then all the final packaging was self-produced and assembled using a laser printer and a laser cutter.


we wanted to make sure every element of the hanger experience speaks to Tailors'
Keep's philosophy and attention to detail, so we wrote the packaging copy ourselves:

"You probably picked up this hanger because you believe in minimalism.
We believe in minimalism too, which means we only add things to our lives - and
our closets - if they are both beautiful and functional. This hanger fulfills both requirements
in a unique way. At once simple & luxurious, it’s the hanger you never knew you always needed.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.